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Chatbot UI for ChatGPT

  • Chatbot UI by mckaywrigley: An advanced chatbot kit for OpenAI’s chat models. This version supports both GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 models, with conversations stored locally within your browser. You can also export and import conversations to safeguard against data loss. See a demo.
  • Chatbot UI Lite by mckaywrigley: A simplified version of the chatbot starter kit for OpenAI’s chat model. It uses Next.js, TypeScript, and Tailwind CSS. Check out the demo.

How to Run Locally

  1. Clone Project Repo: git clone
  2. Install Dependencies: npm i
  3. Provide OpenAI API Key: Create a .env.local file in the root of the repo with your OpenAI API Key. Add the line OPENAI_API_KEY=YOUR_KEY.
  4. Run App: npm run dev

Congratulations, you should be able to start chatting with ChatGPT!

  • MiniGPT-4: An enhancement of Vision-language Understanding with Advanced Large Language Models.

Launching Demo Locally

You can try out the on your local machine. The demo loads Vicuna as 8 bit by default to save some GPU memory usage. The default beam search width is 1. The demo costs about 23G GPU memory. If you have a larger GPU memory, you can run the model in 16 bit by setting low_resource to False in the config file minigpt4_eval.yaml and use a larger beam search width.

  • GPT4All: An ecosystem of open-source chatbots trained on a massive collections of clean assistant data including code, stories and dialogue based on LLaMa.


  • GPT4All UI: A Flask web application that provides a chat UI for interacting with the GPT4All chatbot.

  • Alpaca.cpp: A fast ChatGPT-like model run locally on your device. It combines the LLaMA foundation model with an open reproduction of Stanford Alpaca, a fine-tuning of the base model to obey instructions.
  • llama.cpp: A Port of Facebook’s LLaMA model in C/C++.
  • OpenPlayground: A playground for running ChatGPT-like models locally on your device.
  • Vicuna: An open source chatbot trained by fine-tuning LLaMA. It apparently achieves more than 90% quality of chatgpt and costs $300 to train.
  • Yeagar ai: A Langchain Agent creator designed to help you build, prototype, and deploy AI-powered agents with ease.
  • DoctorGPT: A lightweight self-contained binary that monitors your application logs for problems and diagnoses them.
  • HttpGPT: An Unreal Engine 5 plugin that facilitates integration with OpenAI’s GPT based services (ChatGPT and DALL-E) through asynchronous REST requests, making it easy for developers to communicate with these services. It also includes Editor Tools to integrate Chat GPT and DALL-E image generation directly in the Engine.