Forum Usage Terms and Conditions

These terms govern your use of the Internet forum hosted at By using the forum, you agree to abide by these terms as set forth by VM Business Solutions, the company operating the forum.

Please note that these terms apply specifically to the use of the forum and may differ from the terms governing other products or services offered by the company.

Table of Contents

Important Terms

These terms include important provisions that affect your rights and responsibilities. Please review the following sections: Disclaimers, Limits on Liability, Responsibility for Your Use, and Disputes.

Permission to Use the Forum

Subject to these terms, VM Business Solutions grants you permission to use the forum. However, it is necessary for all users to agree to these terms before accessing the forum.

Conditions for Use of the Forum

Your permission to use the forum is subject to the following conditions:

  1. You must be at least thirteen years old.
  2. VM Business Solutions may revoke your access to the forum at any time.
  3. You must use the forum in compliance with the Acceptable Use and Content Standards outlined below.

Acceptable Use

When using the forum, you must comply with the following guidelines:

  1. Do not engage in any illegal activities on the forum.
  2. Do not attempt to access another user’s account without explicit permission.
  3. Do not engage in buying, selling, or trading user names or unique identifiers.
  4. Do not send unsolicited advertisements or solicit personal data.
  5. Do not automate access to the forum, except for legitimate search engine indexing.
  6. Do not use the forum to send bulk emails or spam.
  7. Do not falsely represent affiliation with VM Business Solutions.
  8. Do not hyperlink to non-hypertext content on the forum.
  9. Do not remove proprietary ownership marks from forum materials.
  10. Do not display forum content on external websites using <iframe>.
  11. Do not disable or circumvent forum security or access restrictions.
  12. Do not overload the forum infrastructure with excessive requests.
  13. Do not impersonate others through the forum.
  14. Do not encourage or assist others in violating these terms.

Content Standards

When submitting content to the forum, you must adhere to the following standards:

  1. Do not submit illegal, offensive, or harmful content.
  2. Do not submit content that violates intellectual property rights or privacy.
  3. Do not submit content containing malicious code or computer viruses.
  4. Do not use the forum as a placeholder for specific addresses or identifiers.
  5. Do not disclose confidential or personal information without permission.


VM Business Solutions may investigate and take necessary action against violations of these terms. This includes cooperating with law enforcement authorities and removing or modifying content on the forum. If you believe someone has violated these terms, please contact us immediately.

Your Account

To access certain features of the forum, you must create and log into an account. By creating an account, you agree to provide accurate and up-to-date information. You are responsible for all actions taken using your account and must notify VM Business Solutions immediately if you suspect any unauthorized access.

VM Business Solutions reserves the right to restrict, suspend, or terminate your account in accordance with its policies or upon breach of these terms.

Your Content

You retain ownership of any intellectual property rights in the content you submit to the forum. However, you grant VM Business Solutions a license to use, copy, publish, and analyze the content for the purpose of providing the forum services. This license extends to other forum users as well.

VM Business Solutions is not obligated to store or maintain copies of your submitted content, and may remove it at any time. Once content is removed, the license granted to VM Business Solutions expires.

You are solely responsible for the content you submit, and you agree not to imply sponsorship or approval by VM Business Solutions. You acknowledge that others may violate the terms of your license and agree that VM Business Solutions is not liable for such violations.


You agree to indemnify VM Business Solutions from any legal claims arising from your breach of these terms or the misuse of the forum by others using your account. Prompt notification of any claims is required for proper handling, and VM Business Solutions will control the investigation, defense, and settlement of such claims.


By using the forum, you accept all associated risks. The forum is provided “as is” without any warranty from VM Business Solutions or its suppliers. Hyperlinks or integration with other forums or services does not imply endorsement or warranty by VM Business Solutions. Additional terms may apply to services provided by third parties.

Limits on Liability

VM Business Solutions and its suppliers will not be liable for damages that were not reasonably foreseeable at the time of agreeing to these terms. In no event will the total liability to you for any claims related to the forum exceed $50.


We welcome your feedback and suggestions for the forum. By providing feedback, you grant VM Business Solutions the right to use and act upon your suggestions without further notification or compensation. Do not submit confidential or proprietary information.


You may terminate your agreement with VM Business Solutions at any time, thereby ending your permission to use the forum. Certain provisions, such as Your Content, Feedback, Responsibility, Disclaimers, Limits on Liability, and General Terms will continue to apply after termination.


These terms are governed by governing_law. Any legal disputes should be filed in state or federal court in city_for_disputes, and both parties agree to the jurisdiction and venue of those courts. Disputes will be resolved through binding arbitration conducted by the American Arbitration Association, following their rules and procedures. You agree to resolve disputes individually and not as part of a class action.

General Terms

If any provision of these terms is unenforceable, it will be modified to the minimum extent necessary or removed. You may not assign your agreement with VM Business Solutions, while VM Business Solutions may assign it to affiliated or acquiring entities. Failure to enforce any right or breach does not waive future enforcement.

These terms constitute the entire agreement between you and VM Business Solutions regarding the forum, superseding any prior agreements. VM Business Solutions may notify you through your provided email address or forum announcements.


You can contact VM Business Solutions at <info[@]>. The company will use the email address associated with your account for notifications.


These terms were last updated on July 12, 2018, and may be updated in the future. All updates will be posted on the forum. Significant changes will be communicated via email to users with valid email addresses on record.