Linode is a cloud hosting company that provides virtual private servers and a variety of other cloud services.

Linode Tools

Linode Cloud Manager: User- and mobile-friendly interface to deploy and manage virtual machines, configure networking, and control user accounts.

Linode API: Tool that makes it easy to configure, manage, and deploy user management, billing, support tickets, and more with programmatic access to Linode products and services.

Linode CLI: Tool to deploy and manage Linux servers from Linode without leaving the command line.

Linode Images: Service to capture, store, and deploy your custom images across Linodes or data centers.

Linode Integrations: Collection of integrations that lets you connect infrastructure and dev tools to the Linode platform.

StackScripts: Tool to automatically configure new Linode instances using simple scripts.

Linode Bare Metal: Single-tenant solution for applications and organizations with security, compliance, and performance needs.